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Ride To Surprise

2023 Remember The Fallen Benefit Ride

Be a part of our outreach and engagement program that supports families of those who’ve fallen. We need people like you to make a difference.

2023 Ride Prep

Gearing Up for a Cause

From safety checks to emotional interviews, dive into the preparations that mark the beginning of the 2023 Remember The Fallen Benefit Ride.

Surprise Families

Every year we have a set amount of money we try to raise for our military and first responder family. When we reach that amount we find other families to spread the remaining donations out to. To date we have surprised 9 families for a total of $175,000.


Johnson Family

The Johnson Family had an unexpected loss when Robert Johnson collapsed from a heart attack while loading his patrol car in May of 2016. With three girls growing up Tanya had her hands full and even though it’s been seven years the pain is still there. With the help of her community and friends we were able to surprise her and the girls as a beneficiary family this year. She saw that she was not alone in her loss and that there are a great many out there that support her and the girls.


Farmer Family

January 16, 2019 was the day that Tabitha and her family’s life would change forever. Johnathan Farmer was one of four that died in a suicide bomb attack in Syria. Johnathan was larger than life in his personality and his willingness to help others. Meeting the family, John’s impression on his family can easily be seen in his children and how talking about him still brings a smile to their faces. Being able to surprise a family is always a task in itself but with the help of the community and friends we have been able to pull it off so far. It was an honor to meet and surprise this family and have so many present as Tabitha found out she was a surprise beneficiary this year.


Triplett Family

In the small town of Waverly, Tennessee we find another officer that selflessly takes on the responsibility of keeping his community safe. Tennessee was recently devastated by floods and the Triplett family was one of many that lost everything. While their home was being destroyed by the water, Gregory Triplett was out working to help others get to safety. During this time he contracted covid and ended up having complications that eventually overtook him. When we travel across the country it’s always an honor to meet the people in small town America and hear their stories. It was our honor to have been able to surprise Lora as a beneficiary family this year and to see how Gregory lives on through her and her family and to see how much they care for their community.


Harris Family

In the heart of the pandemic while many where restricted our first responders were in the thick of daily. John Harris was another that put his community ahead of his health and family. While keeping those around him safe John was also an advocate for assisting others in law enforcement as a resource should they need someone to talk to. An advocate for all John was someone that could help anyone through any situation. After being hospitalized with covid John passed soon after. The seriousness of this illness was felt across the country and it was our privilege to surprise and help Michelle and her family as a beneficiary family this year.


Ramos Family

Meeting this wonderful woman and her two precious little girls was a great way to end this years deliveries. Talking to her she conveyed the genuineness of Garrett and how he was a friend to all no matter the circumstance. Garrett was a member of the Sterling Fire Dept and died in the line of duty.
It was an honor to recognize these families this year.


Vogel Family

Battling stage 4 Colon and Liver cancer since his diagnosis in May of 2021, and is still going to work and serving his community daily with a smile on his face.
Army Infantry Veteran and an actively serving Virginia Beach Police Officer. Kurtis is married and a father of two young children. It was an honor and pleasure to have met this family.


Johnson Family

He was in an accident after he came home from Iraq. He was hit by a hit and run driver while he was running and was on his way home. He was in full military uniform and even had his rut sack on. Hit so hard it knocked both his boots off and they went in different directions a long distance from him. His head took the blunt force trauma. He was honorably medically discharged with full benefits however because he was considered on active duty during war time.


Zarkeshan Family

Aurash was the partner of Craig Johnson, who was killed in the line of duty. Kristi Johnson was our primary beneficiary for this year and having Aurash there to support her made the surprise for him that much more meaningful. We surprised him with a check to help on his recovery as he has yet to return to work.


Watson Family

Tom was one of the officers escorting the Fallen Tulsa officers when he and two other officers were involved in a wreck during the escort. Ron sustained a number of injuries that will take a time to right. It was our honor to surprise him and his wife with a check to help with the day to day struggles they continue to face.


Sartor Family

Ryan Sartor was KIA in Afghanistan in 2019 and is survived by his wife and three children. We were fortunate enough to have them present at our annual event that year and present them with a check.


Pushkin Family

Igor is a member of the 10th SF and his wife was an interpreter trainer prior to a life changing illness. We were able to surprise them in Colorado Springs with a check to help with medical cost.


Juarez Family

While Bob Juarez was a fireman in Davenport he suffered a life changing incident while battling fires that left him paralyzed from the waist down. We surprised Bob and his wife, Nancy, at the fire station in Davenport.


Dill Family

Rosemarie is the mother of Marcus Muralles, who was KIA while trying to rescue the men from Operation Red Wing. Too often the mothers and fathers out there are forgotten about and surprising her at her own home with a small token from people all over the country assured her that neither her nor her son were forgotten.

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